A Bit Addicted

Most of us are a little bit addicted to something in our lives. It could be box sets, chocolate, avoiding exercise, complaining…the list is endless. They are all habits that could be holding us back from reaching our potential.

I worked out what my habit is and put a plan into action to experiment and see what happens. So far, so good. Am hoping by mid March ’18 I won’t be so addicted, I will Wake Up! and a brighter, shinier self will emerge.

Have a think about what your little addiction is and how life could be better without it.
Big love
Chris Xx


4 responses to “A Bit Addicted”

  1. alan Newbury says:


    Simple question. Why 68 days?

    • Ha! Good question. Thanks Alan. The idea is based on Jerry Seinfeld’s chain habit theory coupled with research from the European Journal of Social Psychology that on average it took 66 days to form a habit. So an eclectic mix of inspiration! Then I added 2 days for luck. 2 weeks to go…and counting…big love, Chris x

  2. Alan Newbury says:


    Thanks and that is helpful – I love the mix of science from various sources and a bit extra for luck; challenging too as the thought of 68 days sounds huge. I guess in a way that thought is demonstrating just how “little bit addicted” I might be, so I am going to join in on an alcohol fast and see what happens – chart going on the wall today….

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