Christmas Brilliance

Christmas can be such a magical time and yet it is also fraught with danger. So many expectations are imagined in our heads about how perfect the gift is that we bought and how pleased the recipient will be when they open it. We get overexcited about imagining how the meal we cook will be the best ever tasted and how grateful everyone will be to eat such delicacies. We imagine that our house will look like Santa’s grotto and that all involved will behave impeccably throughout.

Unfortunately, Christmas has a way of making sure that there are a few bumps in the road and that although there are moments of gorgeousness, there are equal amounts of challenge.

Every year I try a slightly different strategy to deal with those bumps, and over time it’s getting better.

This year I am honing my approach once more and this is it.

  1. I’m going to be grateful that I am at home with my family and have little pressure other than loving them. I’m going to see how many loving moments I can create everyday where I want nothing back but the warmth of knowing I have made somebody’s life a little bit better.
  2. I am only cooking two meals a day; brunch and early supper. Take the pressure off the catering department.
  3. I am doing something outside everyday whether it’s walking the dogs, chopping wood or playing football with the kids. Fresh air is imperative.
  4. There will always be a fire lit regardless of the time of day… then there is a cosy space to go and read which brings you onto….
  5. Spending some time every day enriching my mind. It may just be 10 minutes of diving into a book or watching a documentary or discussing something that stretches my thinking.
  6. Sleep…. I could really do with some.
  7. Know full well that this Christmas is the only one of its type. After the year we lost David Bowie, AA Gill, Prince, Gene Wilder, Caroline Ahern, Leonard Cohen, Howard Marks, Ronnie Corbett,Harper Lee, Sir Terry Wogan, Alan Rickman and many other extraordinary human beings, I am going to spend more time hugging my family and waking up to the fact that this Christmas is the best one ever, regardless of how it plays out.

Merry Christmas everybody, love every second.

10 responses to “Christmas Brilliance”

  1. Tony Barton says:

    I so agree Chris – simple ingredients make the best Xmas feast ever.

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as my mate Da Vinci once said – allegedly.

    Happy Xmas mate to you and all of yours.

    Tony x

  2. Ffi says:

    What a lovely post and my plan is very similar . Wishing you and your family a joyful break x

  3. Carlo Navato says:

    Amen Chris. Love to you and yours x

  4. ceri says:

    Bravo! Am working on a similar plan right now…

  5. chris says:

    Someone asked me, “what’s your passion?”

    I couldn’t think of anything. Feeling inadequate and embarrassed that I should have been able to make up an answer, even if that answer wasn’t anything like the truth, I was speechless, struck dumb, even!

    It’s probably time for a wake up call!

    • Vanessa Barlow says:

      Ha! Love that
      Most people struggle with their passions
      Some spend their whole lives searching for it so don’t feel bad
      I believe we find them by trying lots of things to see what fits
      And looking to the past for moments we felt truly fulfilled
      What are the commonalities?
      Enjoy the search
      It’s a fun one C x

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