Embrace the Craziness

Although there are many things that are going on right now that we certainly didn’t wish for, there is an exciting energy happening on the planet.

I am certainly not enjoying all the anxiety, hatred, division and fighting; however, through all this craziness there is definitely a buzz in the air!

When many of our rules and assumptions are challenged as they are today, it opens up all sorts of possibility and opportunities to change things for the better.

The key to grabbing those opportunities is to be ready for them.

When everything else is uncertain we need to be certain about ourselves. It is the only thing that we can control. We have to know what we stand for, what we believe is right and what is wrong for our lives. So take a moment to think through the beliefs that drive your decisions, your relationships, your very life.

What is it that needs to show up every day for you to be excited and authentically you?

What is it that you would fight for right now that could be under threat?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and really feel those answers.

When I do just that I feel absolutely compelled to make sure that I am kinder than I have ever been before; an antidote to all the negativity.

We all know that much more is needed to make the world a happier place and we must keep on campaigning for that, but if we get a little more love spreading around this wonderful planet on which we live, we start to make a difference.

By setting clear intentions and staying steadfast in our standards we gain a greater chance of not being swayed by the negativity of the media and our social feeds.

Opportunities are jumping up everywhere to do interesting stuff with interesting people but they do not fit the old model of the world and therefore embodying a certain playfulness and flexibility is the key to riding out these waves.

It’s also really important right now to be looking after yourself. When we are tired it’s very hard for us to react positively to change. We need to sleep well, exercise, eat wholesome nutritious foods and enjoy some proper rest that doesn’t involve anything digital. By doing so, our energies will be in the best possible state to deal with the fluctuations in the force. When we have the right energy we can deal with anything, but when we don’t, we really have little choice but be pushed and poked around by whatever is hitting us today.

Right now, we have an opportunity to shed our old skins and become shinier versions of ourselves. Let’s do that deliberately rather than let the world dictate it for us.

Who do you wanna be?

7 responses to “Embrace the Craziness”

  1. Heledd says:

    Timely. Fluid. Coherent. This resonates. Thanks for sharing. Cariad mawr all around

  2. Laura Dowd says:

    Nothing is more contagious than a smile. Irresistable for the one that does it and breathtakingly adorable for the one that sees it.

  3. Laura Dowd says:


  4. Jason Brayshaw says:

    Really enjoyed reading this, Chris. I really do believe people are slowly coming around to embracing a more authentic way living that involves simple, meaningful non-digital activities and truer methods of communicating with people, thus creating deeper sense of humility and human spirituality.

    I think also more people are coming around to alternative ways to feel happier and healthier within themselves without feeling like outsiders to the what we’re told is the norm; be it eastern inspired fitness routines for example, or a more holistic attitude to food consumption, and just having deeper understanding of who we are and what we should be doing in this life: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

    We’re a long way off toward achieving the revolution of human authenticity . . . but people do pay attention. They’re intrigued. They’re fascinated. So we must lead by example. Compassion always!

    • Vanessa Barlow says:

      Thank you for your brilliant insight. Agreed, we all need to find compassion more than ever. Big loving, Chris xx

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