Focus On The Journey

Patrick Pichette, Google’s Chief Financial Officer has just resigned after 7 years to spend more time with his family.

I know we can all sit there and say ‘what wouldn’t I do if I had a salary of $5 million?’. And yes, that’s true, money certainly gives you more choices. But quitting is easier said than done. We all become addicted to consumption, we live that dream of accumulation of ‘stuff’, bigger, better, newer. When is enough, enough?

What Pichette is actually doing is taking control of his journey and moving away from focusing on the destination.

Our journey involves 27,350 days on this planet, and 10,575 will be spent at work. That journey needs to be fulfilling as boy, it’s a long one.

Gallups latest poll (2013) states that only 13% of us feel engaged by our work. Only 28% of people agreed that ‘My work helps me to lead an extraordinary life.’ (YouGov poll on behalf of Upping Your Elvis). For the vast majority, work is a place of frustration not fulfillment.

How many times do you hear people exclaiming how glorious it would be to be mortgage free and in retirement. They simply cannot wait for that day to come: all they will do is play golf and drink fine Médoc. The clouds will be like cotton wool and bluebirds will sing on their shoulders.

Do you obsess about getting that board position? Do you believe that when you get the big car, the fat expense account and countless staff, life will finally begin? You’re gravely mistaken.  As author and NLP founder Richard Bandler wisely quotes“If you can’t enjoy one dollar, what’s the chance of you enjoying a million dollars?”

Regardless of the trappings and the role, you will still be there.

There is an endless internal mantra we often hear of ‘If only I . . . had their nanny/ had their holiday home/ was their friend/ was prettier/ had his budget,’ as if the answer to freedom and brilliance could be found in external factors.

Well, it can’t.

You can waste a lot of time wishing things were different and blaming circumstances for where you are right now.

The truth is, it is your reality.

You now have to live it. A life lived for tomorrow is crappy today.

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