Our Future is Bright if we are Creative

I had the pleasure of doing a TEDx talk last year where I got to meet some amazing people. The joy of hanging out with some of the brightest minds on the planet was huge.

There was a speaker there who uses 3-D printing to make new sections of skull for those who need head surgery, one who was challenging the world’s financial systems and one who is talking about what life will be like in 30 years’ time.

They were all fascinating.

One thing that I heard from the futurist that landed home was that in 30 years’ time our biggest challenge will be to wake up every day with a purpose and to have real meaning in our lives.

His point was that by then, all our basic living needs will be automated and will not require efforts from us and therefore we can live lives of leisure. Leisure in itself is not fulfilling and over time people will become bored and restless unless we find real purpose to our lives.

Who would have thought that the number one challenge to humanity will not be poverty, disease, war, intolerance but will be why life in itself is worth living? That for me is huge.

Most people today can distract themselves from asking the deep questions about who they are, why they are here and how they should use their unique talents. We spend most of our time being busy and consuming stimulus from any quarter, we numb ourselves to the big questions. But when there is a vacuum created in our lives because we won’t have to work, that will set up some pretty interesting challenges, which I’m excited about taking head-on way before the moment arrives.

I was at another conference a couple of weeks ago about insight and innovation where I heard a very smart guy explaining to an audience of research professionals that very little of their jobs will be done by them in the very near future. Artificial intelligence will be able to manage huge chunks of any research project and therefore the need for so many people will decrease.

The truth is for many of us our jobs as they currently look will become unnecessary.

I read a wonderful article in The Guardian that explains that we shouldn’t be teaching our children any of the skills that a robot could perform but instead we should be focusing on giving them the skills that a robot could never attain.

We should help them become more creative, aware, emotionally intelligent, socially empathetic and help them bring their full character to bear in all that they do.

I think this is a wonderful time for us. We must question the education of our children as regurgitating information and computing answers is going to have no value. They need to be able to create. They need to be up to bring their unique set of talents and skills to bear every day and amplify them into their work and then they will truly add value.

And I can say without a shadow of doubt, if it’s true for children, then it is true for us today as well.

Learn to be creative now and it will pay back for ever.

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  1. Two years ago my daughter decided to remove her two children from school and to home educate them. The change in them has been remarkable. They seem happier and a great deal more creative while learning much more rapidly and at a deeper level. I was astonished to discover just how many families locally home educate. I suspect that very many parents are not waiting for “them” to sort out education, but are simply voting with their feet. The change is already beginning.

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