Get Over Yourself!

We spend so much of our lives worrying about how we are perceived and therefore often decide to fit in rather than stand out. Our innate survival instinct means that taking risk is not in our nature as our subconscious would always like us to do what we’ve done before. If we survived in the past by acting in a particular way, then it presumes it’s a pretty good course of action today.

What this means is that we end up becoming more habituated year after year and therefore autopilot tends to seize more and more control of our lives.

I was recently struck by an experience I had in the Scilly Isles. I was travelling with my family and having the most wonderful of times. One of my deep passions is playing the guitar but it’s surprising how infrequently I do so at home so I took one on my trip as I do pretty much every time I travel.

Instead of just play a few chords each day, I managed to practice for at least an hour a day and my playing improved considerably.

On numerous times when I was playing, people would come up to me to explain that they were just learning the guitar and would I mind if they strummed a few tunes. I was naturally delighted. Some of them were incredibly accomplished and made my technique sound rather poor. However, most of them were absolute beginners who were not embarrassed to ask a stranger if they could borrow his guitar and play in front of him knowing full well that they were just starting out and would stumble as they played.

I found their enthusiasm and their willingness to play for me an absolute inspiration.

They didn’t give a damn what I thought, they were just loving playing.

Wake Up! is helping us do just that. It’s pushing us to do things we might not ordinarily do and in doing so it helps us overcome the fear of taking risk and it presents us with new learnings, clearer perspectives and often a little more joy in our lives.

When we go and meet the world halfway, stairway to heaven has never sounded so good.

Wake Up! the book, an illustrated journal, hits the shelves on the 1st December ’16, published by Penguin Life. Pre-order here.

I will be chatting with the editor of Psychologies Magazine, Suzy Greaves, live on Facebook on Wednesday November 23rd at 1pm. Please join us online, would love to hear any questions! 10 signed copies of Wake Up! up for grabs too. Sign up here.



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