Get That Dog To Walk To Heel

I’m always struck by the craziness of London when I step off the train at Waterloo.

Living in the idyl that is Lyme Regis, where the pace of life is slow, my natural rhythm has become a little more pedestrian than it was in my city days.

When I’m home I deliberately create more space to breathe, think and connect. It does me a world of good and balances out my frantic travel schedule.

In contrast my re-entry at Waterloo is something of an energetic shock. Everyone is rushing, coffee in one hand and mobile phone on the other.

It strikes me that most people live driven by their to do list and their diary and there is never enough time to fit it all in.

It’s a really efficient state for getting stuff done, but it’s an awful state for listening to your intuition, sensing what’s needed here and for making conscious choices.

In this crazy fast mode we are driven mainly by subconscious. With so much going on our brain likes to go on autopilot as it saves energy. Therefore as soon as it spots anything that looks familiar, for example a diary appointment, it switches into subconscious mode because it has had many diary appointments before therefore this will probably be like the last.

It’s very efficient but it’s also a dulled way of living life.

If our subconscious is fully automating our lives through the frantic nature of the way that we live, it’s a bit like having a dog pulling on a lead. It will constantly drag you in directions that are out of your control and days will fly by but not necessarily be productive and frankly its exhausting.

We need to get that dog to walk to heel; to follow us and to be in sync with our energy and our direction so they can support life rather than dominate it.

On June 10th, we are going to have an experiment to see if we can step back from our busy lives and start to encourage that dog to walk to heel.

We would never promise that it will do that forever, as it is a part of human nature. But we do hope that as an output from the workshop you will have some approaches that you can use when he tugs on the lead too much.

We all need to be out to take a step back from our lives so that we can get a clear perspective of who we are and what’s important to us.

Give yourself a treat and come along to play. You deserve some time just for you, we all do.

If we can slow down time for one morning then maybe you can slow down time whenever its needed.



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