More, More, More.

I have a blessed life. I have a wife and children that I love deeply, a beautiful home overlooking the sea. I’m super passionate about my work and I have great friends and family.

My health is good, I get to travel to amazing places and I’m constantly meeting people that enrich me and the work that I do.

So how come that I have days that feel anything less than magical?

Shouldn’t I always feel bouncy, inspired and up for life?

Since that’s what I help people achieve shouldn’t I be the role model for it day in, day out?

It’s an impossible standard to live to.

Regardless of how well you design your life for happiness, your basic human conditioning is such that you will spend most of your days not quite achieving it.

We can however, get to understand why just a little bit more and therefore wiggle free from its grips a little more regularly.

I have become increasingly aware of my caveman brains over activity in creating desire for things I do not have and worrying about things that may never happen.

As we know, our brains still have the basic survival functions of a caveman and therefore want more. Once upon a time more food, more firewood, more skins would give us an increased chance to live. That instinct within us lives on and is always looking for more.

The question is when is enough, enough?

I have recently begun de-cluttering my house. It’s astonishing how many clothes I have that I never wear. I even have brand-new shoes that I loved in the shop, but when they came home they weren’t quite right and so have been squirrelled away in the back of a cupboard for years.

I was once told that what you own, owns you.

I didn’t really get it at the time. But I’m starting to see that there is some truth in it. So here’s the plan:

1. Spend the next week not buying anything but essential food & drink and see how much you really need.

2. Take out all of your clothes and lay them on your bed. Anything that hasn’t been worn for a year, take immediately to a charity shop.

3. Notice how much of your time is spent obsessing about more and when it happens sit straight, breathe deeply and smile knowing full well that you have all you need right now to have the most perfect of lives.

Hopefully this will help in getting that caveman to chill out for a while; less cave more hammock.


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