Picking Up Puppies

We recently ran a Mastery Program at my home in Lyme Regis and had the most fantastic of weeks.

We had some great breakthroughs and amazing shifts happened.

At the end of the week Stacey who had joined us for the week, told a story that really resonated with me and I hope it will with you too.

Stacey started working for a global multinational company 11 years ago and was super chuffed to land such a peachy job. She worked in insight and was in awe of the opportunities that her career offered her.

In her first working month, she went on a consumer immersion to see how people lived and used their products. Living in Durban meant visiting some poor villages so they could get real, gritty insight into living in South Africa. She was the most junior person on the trip.

One day, out in the villages, as they were walking back to their group vehicle she heard whimpering from under a discarded tyre. On close inspection Stacey found 3 abandoned puppies.

Her heart immediately went out to them and realizing she couldn’t save them all, decided to save one. She picked him up and took him back to the van.

The rest of the group ridiculed her for being naïve and explained that she couldn’t behave like that if she was going to get on in business. You have to toughen up.

Over the years, she did exactly that. Stacey became the person she thought was the perfect leader. She emulated those who were successful around her and put on a ‘professional’ persona.

Her career took off and with more success, the more her identity morphed into super Stacey, the incredible businesswoman who can deal with anything and had all the answers.

At the end of our workshop she explained how she had lost sight of who she was. She had lost her spark and uniqueness. Be emulating the bosses she had normalized to the culture and was no longer Stacey, a vibrant, creative, insightful, brave and sassy woman.

She realized that she was trying to live for others. She wanted to impress her bosses and in doing so stopped living for herself and therefore lost the joy of working.

The dog she picked up is still a huge part of her life, one that would be a massive void if she hadn’t rescued him.

Stacey has vowed to start picking up puppies again and is a transformed woman. Her work has again become a joy.

We all forget who we are at times. Its natural.

If we can reconnect with our true essence, we will do better work, feel happier and more fulfilled.

We will be more energetic, fun and creative and have way more chance to shine every day.

Which puppies will you pick up this week?



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