• Ross Faulkner

Not Giving a F@ck About the Output.

A good friend of mine, @BillieCarn, put me onto “The Cult of Done Manisfesto” yesterday.

I bloody love it.

It lays out some pretty important principles of getting stuff done...

I particularly like that we need to accept that everything is a draft and that we should laugh at perfection.

Something particularly dear to my heart.

I get paid to answer briefs. Usually tricky ones.

There is money involved, pressure, stakeholders and timelines.

And sometimes it feels a bit like work.

The reason that the “cult of Done manifesto” resonated so much, is that I recently dived headlong into a creative project that felt nothing like work.

I wrote a song.

It's my second song, to be fair. So I am obviously a veteran of the business.

Because I was in lockdown however, I couldn't rely on my clever friends with studios to help me shape my beginning idea into something soulful.

Instead, I learnt how to record eight tracks and mix them into a state that no longer clashed but chimed.

I didn't rush anything.

There was absolutely no pressure.

The lyrics didn't work for weeks. And then they did.

There was something missing and then an idea came from the ether that filled that hole.

I accidentally was living “the cult of Done”

Being unattached to the output is a huge liberation.

And I decided that it's something that I need always somewhere in my life.

An opportunity to roll around creatively.

A chance to just explore and see what happens.

And really importantly to sometimes create utter crap and learn and laugh.

There is far too much striving for perfection and just not enough quick and dirty.

Billie has been working on a marvellous book that looks truly amazing and she is determined it gets bound with gaffer tape.

I frickin’ love that.

We all need a bit more gaffer tape in our lives and a bit more space to noodle and see what comes out.

Here's my bit of gaffer tape, have a listen and let me know what you think:

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