• Ross Faulkner

Getting the Band Back Together

The fear levels on this planet have gone ballistic.

We've been scared about lockdown...

Scared about disconnecting physically from loved ones.

Scared about how we create value through our work.

Scared about what will happen next.

And now we are scared about coming back to work…

The negativity bias that we've developed in our brains over millions of years to help us survive, is now having a field day.

Everything we see is new and different and so everything we see becomes a potential threat.

Making sense of this chaos is more than any of us can do alone.

We cannot plan our way through this turbulence as everything is so unpredictable. As human beings we crave certainty; something to hold onto and something we can trust.

There is however one thing that we can all put our arms around and know it's our lifeline in these rough and perilous seas.

Our team.

We need the brilliance, the uniqueness and the support of the people that we work with to help us understand who we are now and how we should use our talents to truly make a difference.

We simply cannot predict what's going to happen next week, let alone next year.

But we do know that if the people around us feel connected to the work they do and the people they do it with, and they’re encouraged to truly be themselves, then regardless of what comes our way we have the best potential to deal with it.

This is truly a chance for us to re-calibrate.

A chance to-reinvent who we are as individuals and as a team, so that work fits us better and so that we can be more extraordinary, every day.

Now is the time to invest in those teams.

To create psychological safety.

To help them learn from lockdown and understand that whilst the world will never be quite the same again, it can be better.

It's your team that needs to hold the future.

We may join a company, but we stay for our team.

It's within our team that the behavioural standards are set, and mythical cultures become concrete.

It's where we can be our honest and vulnerable selves and still be celebrated.

It's where imperfection creates value, and it's where we can truly be ourselves.

We need our teams now more than ever.

And when we are supported by them, we will fly higher than ever before.

If you’re getting your team back together then check out our ‘Team Re-Set' programme.

It's golden for creating the space for people to re-connect with each other with a deeper sense of who they are and what’s important to them, so they can be extraordinary every day...

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