Talks that will engage, motivate and inspire!

A talk delivered by Chris is, well, quite simply, like no other you will have experienced before. Chris’s life mission is people (with a side line in cider and guitars). This ethos, combined with a wealth of experience in innovation and leadership across 6 continents, means Chris’s talks are memorable, interactive and human.

He is a master of transformation with the unique capability to bring out the potential in everybody. (CEOs included)

The Guardian recently summed up Chris’s style as ‘a long haired twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard’, which paints the most accurate picture: A dynamic business change-maker with a magical hippie vibe.

Chris founded his consultancy Upping Your Elvis to further the cause and has worked with brands such as Nike, Unilever, Diageo and MediaCom who come back time and again, having seen the return on investment on their teams’ wellbeing and productivity.

Chris spoke at TEDx in January 2016, inspirational ideas festival The Do Lectures in June 2015 and the world’s largest leadership event Leadercast in May 2016, where he also had the honour of interviewing Apples’ co-founder Steve Wozniak live on stage.

Oh, and he is also totally up for any fireside guitar strumming chats on the meaning of life.

Find out how Chris can help your event shine even brighter: hello@barez-brown.com

Topics for short talks (45-90mins) or combined for longer sessions up to a full day:

Up Your Elvis! How to be a creative leader

How to enhance your own personal creativity

Create the conditions for your organisation to be more innovative every day

How to make work more human, energetic and yet drive bottom-line results

Wake Up! Escape a life on autopilot

How to become a more conscious leader with simple strategies to avoid autopilot

Connect more deeply with the people that you work with and those that you love

An energetic reboot to make work fun again