Talk it Out

This world is getting better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster than ever before.

Our mental well-being is under threat and unless we learn to master a brain that is not designed for today, we could all be in serious trouble.

One in four people around the world will experience some form of mental illness every year.

I want to help. We have something. It’s called Talk it Out.

It’s not the only answer. But in our experience it certainly makes a big difference to people’s mental wellbeing.

Simple, super impactful and a little bit of fun!

We are running research with Bristol University to build a case to roll it out across the world. Give it a try and if you have a team or group who would like to get on board, give me a shout.

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2 responses to “Talk it Out”

  1. Janice says:

    This is a dyad, on the move, with the addition of being out in nature… how could this do anything but be helpful?

    Everyone will feel heard, and can release all the junk that they tell themselves that no one else wants to hear. This process will be a great release for the stresses of life.

    That said, now, what’s the solution for pmy ladies who are the giver 99% of the time, and don’t have a friend to walk and talk with? (EG. I’ll expect to hear this: If I walk and talk to myself, the feeling of acceptance and caring is missing… and, people may think I am crazy!)

    Overall, the plan”s a good plan… but how do we make it work for the lonely, and isolated ones?

    • Delighted to hear that you can see the benefit of this approach. It’s so simple and works a treat.

      If people are alone my suggestion would be to phone a friend. It works particularly well when handsfree and you walk and talk as you go. By doing so even though you’re not in the same proximity, you get all the benefits.

      To help with the processing you can do it alone and record what you say, but it obviously doesn’t help with the feeling lonely and isolated.

      We are going to build a digital platform where we can connect people together, so that if you are on your own you can dial in a new friend. I think this is super important.

      Thank you for your support

      Big love


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