The Two Halves of Me

I certainly have two very different sides to me. One is incredibly aware, connected and at peace. When he is in control everything is possible, the clouds are somewhat fluffier and life is just peachy.

My other side is quite a contrast. It’s obsessive, egotistical and pretty much out of control. When he is driving the car, my awareness is incredibly low and I can so easily spend my time trapped in a maelstrom of busyness where ironically I achieve very little. This is me living my life on autopilot.

It seems most peculiar that these two facets of my being can ever coexist and yet they do every single day.

I have, however, been experimenting with something to see if it can help me spend more time being conscious, awake and alive and less time bouncing around like a pinball.

Maybe it could work for you.

Autopilot is caused by not only by the brains reliance on saving energy but also a deep down instinct for survival. As cavemen, if we had enough wood for a day we still went out to find enough for a week. When it comes to survival, more is nearly always better.

These days most of us don’t need more things and yet we still have this inner drive gnawing away at us constantly to go and get more anyway. It makes us restless. It’s like trying to fill a hole that can never be filled. In the short term we can numb ourselves so that we do not realise that it’s there through addiction to busyness, alcohol, social media et cetera but we know regardless of our strategy, the hole will be back knocking at our door asking for more.

Bigger houses, better holidays, the beach body of our dreams.

When we escape autopilot and Wake Up! life is so different. We make the right decisions for the right reasons. We are no longer rushed. Every moment feels exciting and everything is seen to be beautiful. We work on what counts and not what shouts loudly. It feels as if every cell in our body is communing with the rest of the universe and that this particular moment is just perfect.

So what I have been trying throughout my day is asking myself the simple question.

Is what I am doing right now filling the hole or helping me commune with the universe?

I’m not suggesting for one second that by doing so we will stop being driven by these inner urges and ridiculous hunger, but already I have noticed that by asking this question I am making much better choices about how I spend my day and about how I can make sure I get off autopilot and Wake Up!

A small step can make a big difference.

2 responses to “The Two Halves of Me”

  1. christopher says:

    hi bought your book,found it very enlightening…i decided to go for my dream job as a cabin crew for ryan air..had great feedback..but wasnt 52 andfeel i passed my great achievements in life..any helpful ideas?

    • Sorry to hear that Ryan Air didn’t appreciate your talents but don’t stop there!
      There are so many great opportunities out there and you can only find them by putting yourself out into the world.
      See it as a game
      The more you play it with a smile on your face, the more fun it will be
      Keep shining bright

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