Wake Up! Month 2 – Journal Journey

It’s been a big month for The Great Wake Up! and our group of Psychologies bloggers. Again, some challenging exercises yet others felt perfectly natural and slipped magically into our lives. I am super excited that the journey has made a big impact on most people’s lives, I know it has for me. It feels very inspiring to hear that the same wave of consciousness has spread over others too. Wake Up! the book, is a good way through it’s own journey, ready to make in onto the shelves in December ‘16 and all your input has been invaluable. Huge thanks.

I won’t buy anything beyond food and water –  Now this was a proper shake up for me: one hell of a smack to the face! I realised that I have not been very aware of what is needed and what is not. So, over the week it felt very tough with painful moments and insight to take on board. Thankfully by Friday; incredibly liberating. A lot of people also seemed to find this a tough journey and I think Sarah Kate summed it up perfectly for us all. “ ‘Things’ don’t put value on our relationships just as ‘things ‘ don’t provide you with lasting happiness. This experiment has made me look at just how free and creative we can live if we just put down our purse and open our minds to what’s already in front of us. I’m looking forward to taking this challenge into my daily lifestyle but this time with consciousness.”

Follow Body Clock – Some very different responses here! Mostly easier to execute during holiday times and days off. Mrs Bee brilliantly highlighted how tuning into one’s body clock can be a hindrance when you have small people’s lives to negotiate and manage, sometimes the routine is what holds you together. Especially with new babies who are still fully connected as a part of you. However, you are following your body clock in your own way, as it is telling you the structure is vital for you to feel well and nurture your newborn…Jacqui is also giving out a lot to others (older age group) and for her it was liberating to realise that the care she gives to others feeds her internal self. Others, like Preeti, who are bound to their full on regime and ‘to do’ list found it really liberating to shake the day’s events up. For me, I found it a real pleasure once I let go. Like Preeti, I am often a slave to my diary and so had lots of mind chatter to overcome. What’s expected of me and what’s right. According to my head. But once I quietened the expectations, it felt great to do more of what felt like it suited me and my internal clock.

A Week of Reflection – Firstly, this was deeply needed. I find that each exercise only reaps benefits when I get time to relax and ponder and understand its power. That week really helped me land some big learnings and it seemed for everyone this gave them the opportunity to do the same and work out what has worked and what hasn’t. It feels like from your brilliant insight that we have all taken ourselves off autopilot to varying degrees. This makes me very happy indeed. Magic is certainly happening!

I Will Journal My Thoughts Every Day – well, I am addicted. This has honestly sorted out so many issues for me this month. I literally can’t stop, it was like opening the floodgates AND I have been editing the book so not short of writing a thing or two! I carry my journal with me everywhere now. My new best friend. Have realised, however, like many things in my life, I can’t do it half hearted. It is all or nothing.

It seems most people loved to journal and plan to adopt it into their lives. Fi gave the perfect summary – “I was reluctant to open my Pandora’s box of thoughts but after reading others blogs this week I have realised we are all the same deep down, we are all anxious, we all need love, we are all massively complicated human beings and we all grow every day with each new experience and we are all just trying our best every day. Some days are good, some days are bad and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if not every day is amazing, we can only try our best to be strong, courageous and kind whatever the day throws at us.”

And on that note, we pick up our Wake Up! journey and go forth for more fun and games! Gosh, am loving this party, long may it reign. Big loving, Chris xx


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