Wake Up Month 6 – One Big Thing

This month I wanted to share a few thoughts and observations on how things are going in the wonderful world of The Great Wake Up!

Firstly, I am further encouraged by the discoveries of all the bloggers. As time has gone on, I have found it easier to tune in to the energetic state that you are in when you write. It seems that if you have achieved a connection through an activity, the writing tends to be more sensitive and often rather profound. It makes me wonder whether people started the experiment in an open minded state and so subsequently that state affected what they gained.

When people felt anxious or frustrated by the style of the experiment, these feelings were reflected in their posts. So there is an impact in how we show up and how we live. It made me ponder where it all starts.

Is it how we engage in an exercise that counts or the exercise itself? My guess is it’s a combination of the two. It seems for sure, that we have gained an increasingly open minded outlook as we progress. And the energy that emanates from your writing is noticeably more engaged and alive than at the start. I also notice that people are kinder not only to others but to themselves. That in itself is a brilliant thing.

I am heartened to hear that we are all united in being knocked out of shape by traffic, queues, people, politics, etc. The world outside of us sends many challenges. However, what is also clear is that there are times when that outside world has no bearing on how we are, in effect we hold our own happiness and consciousness within ourselves.

Our natural state is awake and connected; when we relax, breathe and smile it comes back to us. It seems that we are experiencing that state through the experiments.

There are patterns emerging that I love. One which is that the community is super important to this journey: The support, encouragement and different perspectives help us all grow. The great news is that the community is going to get bigger as a result of your insight. In September when we launch the Wake Up! app it will help more people access and share Wake Up! and I truly hope you will help us make that happen by sharing on it and being founder members.

More info to come.

Any feedback into this months research survey would be amazing. Thank you. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Great_Wake_Up_June

Anyway, enough for now. Need a pee and 20 press ups!

Big love, Chris xx


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