You are a brand. Make sure you shine


Whether you think it’s fair or unfair; you are a brand. Regardless of how well people know you, they have a perception of who you are and what you stand for. If their perception is one that creates affinity with them, then you will make a good connection; if not then you won’t.

Our brains have not developed a great deal over the last 50,000 years and therefore much of our subconscious processing is designed for survival. We make split-second decisions on how we perceive people to understand whether they are a threat or an ally.

When you couple that with the fact that we make somewhere between 2000 and 20,000 decisions every day, you can understand why our brain has to make shortcuts. We can’t possibly do all that in a conscious logical way and therefore most of those decisions will be automatic.

If our brand really resonates and we stand for something unique and special, then when those people around us are making those automatic decisions, there is a greater chance that we will be presented in a way that we would like and therefore have more of a chance to be involved in the things that we either love or are great at.

We are a little bit like a packet of soap powder on a shelf in a grocery store. If we stand out from the rest by truly being ourselves we have more chance to attract an unfair amount of energy to us and energy means points and points mean prizes.

The best leaders are confident in who they are and resonate it in everything they do. Those around them know exactly what they’re getting when they work with together.

If you want to be more Elvis and be the one that shake things up and gets things done, pay more attention to your brand.

What is it that makes you unique and special? What is it gives you huge amounts of energy and makes work feel effortless?

Then make sure that this shows up every day.

To really understand who you are as a brand you need to ask your colleagues, your friends and your family how they perceive you. Spend this next week gleaning that information and you will find that there are certain themes that start to emerge about what makes you you.

You cannot pretend to be somebody you’re not so work with what’s there. When you look at those themes notice which ones feel like they need to be present for you to show up in all your glory and plan how they do so in all your interactions.

When you make a conscious decision to be the person that you can be and decide never to settle for anything else, extraordinary things will happen.

We tend to socialize to the norms and emulate leaders and before long it’s very easy to be somebody that we’re not.

By consciously deciding which true parts of you are communicated in all your actions, you are reclaiming the right to be the unique and special individual that you are.

Step up and shine.

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