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Author, speaker and founder of Talk It Out

Chris Baréz-Brown is on a mission to make the world spin better, for everyone.


Our planet is in the grips of a mental and emotional health crisis... And it's not slowing down anytime soon.


people are suffering as a result of poor mental wellbeing, right now.


won't talk to another person about it as they're worried about the stigma.


Chris launched Talk It Out to help reduce the global suffering caused by challenges to mental and emotional wellbeing.

When it comes to our wellbeing most approaches simply soothe our uncomfortable emotions, rather than help us process what they really mean. So, when the soothing stops, those nasty feelings return. ​


The Talk It Out app takes people deeper so that they can understand their subconscious thoughts, and the emotions that these thoughts create. 

Through his keynote speech and app, Chris brings out the potential in everybody, leaving people inspired, energised, thinking a little differently about the world they live in, but most importantly equipped with tools and skills they can deploy to manage their wellbeing beautifully every day.

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A keynote speech with sustainable impact

A talk delivered by Chris is, quite simply, like no other you will have experienced before, and includes access to his free app that delivers a proven, fast and fun boost to people's wellbeing.


In his keynote, Chris explores how processing our subconscious thoughts and emotions helps us understand how they impact the way we show-up, so we have choice on how to deal with them and can take back control of how we’re living and working.


His audiences all get free access to his Talk It Out app, which has been proven in research with the NHS to reduce anxiety, increase satisfaction with life, and even boost productivity.

He's delivered keynotes at TEDx, inspirational ideas festival The Do Lectures and at the world’s largest leadership event Leadercast, where he also had the honour of interviewing Apples’ co-founder Steve Wozniak live on stage.

Check out Chris in action in his short video below...

Chris Baréz-Brown

Chris Baréz-Brown

So much big talk about transformation... Chris actually delivers it. Time and again. Part art, part gift, part crazyman. He works his magic everytime.


Founder & President of the Nike Foundation

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