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Inspiration and impact...

that lasts!

Inspiration and impact... that lasts!

Twenty minute TED style talks, full keynotes, or facilitating large audiences for days... Chris will make your event shine by delivering his brilliantly entertaining sessions, followed by a sustainability package that delivers real, proven and meaningful change to your audience.

Get Your Energy Right

Humans aren't designed for business

We aren’t designed for business, but we can make it fit us. Learn how to work with your human design to make work and life a fun and fruitful ride. Chris shares behavioural tune-ups that will change your culture by delivering more impact, clarity and energy. This is supported by a digital programme to lock-in the learnings.


What’s needed here? 

The leadership landscape is constantly evolving, and the days of repeating the same model are gone, forever. The best leaders are fantastic at answering the questions ‘what’s needed here?’ and then tuning in to the needs of any situation. Learn new, energetic, and innovative behavioural approaches which can be applied to any issues you face as a leader. 


Learn to love creative leaps 

We can’t think our way to ten out of ten. With the best data and insight, you might be able to think your way to a six. To get to a ten you need to make a creative leap. Learn how to embrace innovation and use your inner creativity to make it a fun and fruitful ride that delivers impact and a new energy for you and your business… 

Mental and Emotional Well-being

Go deeper, get clear 

95% of how we feel comes from our subconscious, which means most of us have no idea why we’re having a good day or a bad day. Learn why so many people are suffering from mental and emotional well-being challenges today and how ‘Talk It Out’ helps you boost wellbeing by giving you a clearer perspective on life and connecting you more deeply with who you are and how you’re living. 

Impact that lasts
Chris is passionate about creating a lasting impact for the people he works with, so he’s designed a range of tools that act as the perfect support to any of his talks, helping to embed new energetic behaviours for the long-term. 
The Elvis Energy Programme 
A fun, energetic and interactive digital programme that’s proven to help people get their energy right, in just 30 minutes per week, for 5 weeks. Chris shares a new behaviour to experiment with each week, helping people to land their learnings with their teams as they go. 
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The Talk It Out App 
Talk It Out is a simple, human, and proven way to look after your mind a little like going to the gym and eating well looks after your body.After his ‘Go Deeper, Get Clear’ keynote speech, Chris shares the Talk It Out app with his audience, equipping them with tools and skills they can deploy to manage their own wellbeing beautifully every day. 
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