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Helen's story

This is Helen’s story. Helen lost a child. It’s the most terrible of things. The joy of a new-born baby…and then gone. The shock, anguish and despair were incalculable. 

But the human condition is strong. We are built to survive. And life carries on. Helen went back to work. She lived her life and carried on.But the trauma was not healed. Her subconscious just sucked it all up and put it in a box so she could keep breathing.

But when it’s in a box, it’s still there…eating away at us.  

And although we still function, the colours are less beautiful. Something is amiss even if we can’t quite understand what. We aren’t well.

For 2 years she soldiered on, not talking to anyone about her grief, her loss, her baby. She then tried Talk It Out and the box flew open. By Talking It Out it, she made sense of what was in the box and started to order it. 

At first it was messy, but over time it made sense and it was no longer scary. 

In fact, within weeks she wanted to share her box with others - family and friends and, most importantly, with a therapist who helped with more sorting.  When Helen told me her story, I cried.

The emotional release she experienced was palpable and it touched me deeply.

Because I too have a box. 

We all do. 

My hope is that I can help people who need it to open their boxes, take a good look through them so the contents can be freed. And then it will no longer weigh us down the way it did.  It will always be there but, in time, it won’t hurt so much.  This is my life’s mission. And I will not stop . There are too many boxes and too many Helen’s…

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash