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Love your weekend

With over a billion people on this planet currently suffering from some form of mental or emotional well-being challenge, we must ask ourselves - why?  Of course, the ever-present news is inundating us daily with increased doom and gloom.

 The planet is fucked. Kids are being shot with semi-automatic weapons in the States, politicians spend their days fighting each other rather than helping us and our countries and the greed of human nature has never been in such sharp focus. No wonder we find it tough to see the bright side.

Couple that with the fact we have an inbuilt negativity bias, our life perception can easily spiral into the darkness with no straightforward way out. And to guarantee we’re tweaked with cortisol and adrenaline 24/7 we are plugged in digitally to the worst, most addictive content delivered straight to our phones, where we can watch the most extreme of human idiocy served up to us in bite-sized portions. And if it’s not all the world’s trash that infects our consciousness, work is forever nagging for our attention. The digital world never stops and, increasingly, nor do we. 

Switching off never happens - not on weekends - not on holidays. We are not designed for this, and we are suffering. But there is a solution. We need to free our downtime. I have a plan that is rather simple but rather beautiful:- Friday after lunch - Try doing a Talk It Out to download your week. You need to clear your head of what’s happened, what’s worked and what didn’t and then land your actions for Monday when it all kicks off again. Is there anything you need to do so you can leave work behind for the sweet weekend coming up? If so - do it!

Get it down - the Talk It Out app helps you land these actions in your diary, email, What’s App, etc, so it’s somewhere concrete and not floating around in your head bugging you. When it’s out of your head, peace will return.

Leave your phone alone – we’re 30% happier when we don’t have our phones in our sight, so leave it. Sure, answer calls but leave the rest alone.

Cheeky lifeline - if over the weekend you panic - look at your Monday list, breathe and remember it’s all there and safe for next week.


Monday reset - first thing, look at your list and get busy. You’ll be feeling fresh from a weekend of relaxing, so use that energy to create a legend and be uber dangerous - grrrrrr! 

It’s a simple discipline but it’s a game-changer. It banishes Sunday night blues, restores your mojo, and reminds you how life should be. 

Embrace the freedom. 

Love your weekends.

Download the Talk It App now and love your weekend!

Photo by Jessica Delp on Unsplash