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New shit is good shit

I am frequently asked why I have so much energy and why my demeanor  is radiating positivity.  I’m not exactly sure of the answer. I guess that some of my makeup is genetic.  But I know that most of it comes down to how I approach life.

I am sure there are many things that contribute to the way that I show up. But there is one thing I am certain stacks the deck and that is - New shit is good shit. Please don’t worry I’m not advocating consumerism.  

Coz in that case I’m a huge fan of old shit. The shit that I am referring to is experience and learning. I’m constantly excited about what’s happening today because I know it is nothing like yesterday. Certain parts of my life may look familiar; I work for the same company, live in the same house and wear the same clothes.   But, despite all of this familiarity, today is unique.  

Every morning we wake up with an opportunity to be someone new. Take that opportunity and we will grow. We will learn and we will have a highly enriched life experience. But to do so we must try new and different things. We must challenge ourselves to stretch beyond what is habitual and in doing so we will be upping our game in rather magical ways. We don’t have to change a lot to make a big difference. I am a huge fan of having one experiment each day. 

Once I’ve done my morning routine and got my physiology working beautifully; I sit quietly and ponder what that experiment will be. 

It could be trying out one of Jordan Peterson’s language patterns. Or maybe acting as if I really am a tech startup entrepreneur. Or reading another chapter of Scary Smart (Mo you are freaking me out!). Or finding a way to spend time with my teenage kids that they actually want… As with all experiments some work better than others. Some just crash and burn. 

But one of them fills my soul as they help me stay fresh, break me out of autopilot, grow and stay excited about the life I am living. Even with the most routine of lives living in lockdown; one experiment a day gives hope. Embrace it and just watch who you become.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash