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Why, oh why?

Human beings have an inbuilt drive to find answers. It’s part of our survival instinct. As hunter gatherers our lives absolutely depended upon it. If we could understand that migrating animals came through a particular valley at a particular time; our chances of feeding our tribe skyrocketed. 

Understanding how the seasons change helped us to prepare for the hard times amongst the good. Understanding how to belong, and contribute, to our society gave us a much greater chance to thrive. We were born to learn through experimentation and through play. 

It was a visceral education. Today we have the same drive. “Why?” was the biggest single search term in Google in the last year. We crave answers that explain what’s going on in our lives and on this planet. When we understand things, we feel more safe and secure, and we can make better choices about our future.  

Certainty is one of our deep foundational human needs and therefore answers to big questions provide the stability we need to thrive. On a planet that is constantly shifting we are asking “Why?” more now than ever. The challenge here is that there are very few good answers available. In the world of science, where things can be empirically proven, we can usually feel confident that X happens because of Y. 

But most of us don’t live in a world of science. The things that keep us awake at night cannot all be solved by clever people in laboratories. Most of the issues on our minds are way too complex. Legend has it that on Einstein’s blackboard he wrote the famous quote, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” 

I couldn’t agree more. Try counting love. So often we can’t find the answers we are looking for in search engines, in books, on the news, from pundits and politicians. No-one can have all the answers. They can only have theirs. And for us to be happy and fulfilled we need to find ours. Often when we are looking for external validation from the world’s experts it’s because we aren’t clear in our own heads. And even when we assimilate these varying points of view, we still need to make sense of them ourselves and understand what our own answer will be... It can be an impossible process. 

One simple way however to get your head straight is to Talk it Out.  We all need to find our own answers and sometimes they are harder to grasp than others. Often the reason being that they exist deep in our subconscious. Talk it Out helps us go deeper and to untangle what we find so that we can finally get our head straight. In doing so we find our own truth and nothing is more powerful. 

When we get clarity of what we think our energy becomes aligned to the world in which we live, the sky becomes bluer, and birdsong abounds. Next time you are in a funk, ask yourself why? You may find it’s because you need to get your head straight. 

Do a little Talk it Out and see what answers you find within and then maybe tonight skip watching the news. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash